Anniversary of the Apology to Emmett Till's Family
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Emmett Till

Memory Project

The Emmett Till Memory Project is a website and smartphone app designed to commemorate the death and memory of Emmett Till. The app focuses on twenty-two sites in the Mississippi Delta and Chicago that played a significant role in the life, death, trial, and public memory of Emmett Till.

Emmett Till Museum
Emmett Till Interpretive Center

Engage in the story of Emmett Till, explore your own story, and create a new emerging story with us.

Plan your visit to our museum by going to Book Online. We welcome a wide range of visitors from individual visitors to large groups. We have free 15-minute tours with a free smartphone app and private all-day pilgrimages. 

We exist to tell the story of Emmett Till in a way that moves people forward. We use art and storytelling to help process past pains and imagine new possibilities for the future. 

Emmett Till Museum

Photo Documentaries

Check out some amazing photo-documentaries produced by local community members. Working with Barefoot Photography,we have been able to use art and storytelling to help process past pains and imagine new futures for our community. A special thanks to the Institute for Museum and Library Services for making this project possible. 


"I thought about Emmett Till and I could not go back."

- Rosa Parks